Feel the Differences

“Feel the Differences” was a youth exchange project started by youth from Norway and Turkey. The project incorporated 48 young people and 10 youth leaders originating from 2 unique nations: Norway and Turkey (USED). These young people participated in youth exchange as the exercises were a development and corresponding to each other. The youth exchange aimed to recognize the regular reasons for intolerance; examine persevering instances of prejudice based on culture, religion, sex, gender and race against different minorities; plan great practices and systems so as to lessen it, with a view to expand tolerance towards minorities in the participant countries and beyond and more. The particular targets of this project were: – To build awareness among youngsters from a minority background (social, ethnic, and so forth.) on European citizenship; – To enable youth to play a dynamic part in local groups; – To unite youngsters from various ethnic and social backgrounds; – To make space for dialogue; – To encourage their sentiment sharing common esteems; – To raise their feeling of having a place with Europe. Throughout the youth exchanges, we talked about critical issues that somehow, we were altogether influenced by the practices of others. We confronted discrimination in view of racism, diverse religious perspectives, appearance, sexual introduction, gender, and so on. We took in more how to be instrumental for more comprehensive social orders, beginning from our own groups and furthermore how to look for help if we feel that we were being discriminated against.

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